PhD in Computer Science

The PhD Programme in Computer Science/Informatics is a 3rd cycle graduate programme proposed in the context of the European Union “Bologna Treaty” reformulations of higher education. This programme of doctoral studies is structured so as to offer students high quality training in research in both fundamental and applied areas of Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

The duration of the programme is typically 4 years, with one year of preparation followed by three years of research.

During the Phd, the candidate will typically perform his/her research in the context of research projects of one of the two research centres of DI/FCT/UNL:

This will provide students with a lively research atmosphere, with regular seminars and national and international contacts.


  • Application for 2009/2010 now open. Prospective students can apply to this programme on-line following this link. Deadlines for application:
    • 1st phase - 1 June, 2009; notification of acceptance by 19 June, 2009
    • 2nd phase - 31 August, 2009; notification of acceptance by 15 September, 2009.
  • DI/FCT/UNL will offer 8 Ph.D. scholarships in 2009/2010, and may waive tuition fees to outstanding students. Check more information here.